Biking in Ohio!

Day 1 of the tour - We were told that we were going to be awaken at 5am to bike. I wake up to a super loud I phone playing unknown music! It was really cold I did not want to get up. But with sleepy eyes I got up and walked with my stuff to the bathroom. I walked over ot the bathroom got my dressed and got ready. I walked back out made sure everything was packed up and then off I went to eat breakfast! By the time I got there most of them had already finished and for Kathy that was not cool considering that I was probably the slowest eater there. So I got a lot to eat because I knew I was going to be hungry soon. I tried to eat but after a few bites they told us we were going to have a meeting but we needed our discovery guide  ( a book we read every morning before our ride, with bible verses and encouragement) so I threw out my food and ran to get the discovery guide and when I came back we read it as a group. We hurried got our bikes out and Paul helped me get my bikes out pumped up the tires and then we finally left! I have been thinking about this day for months and it was finally here. I was excited and nervous. We rode a total of 113 miles that day!!!!  The ride was very long we were on our bikes for about 13 hours that day but the hills were not that bad until the last 20 miles; that is when they began to get really bad. These “rolling hills” would roll up so steep for minutes. There were some hills where I thought I was going to have to stop and walk it up. They were that bad. Anyways we finally made it to the church where we had to take freezing cold showers because there was no hot water left. By the time I ate and got ready for bed I only had 4-5 hours of sleep. Little did I know that the days ahead of me were going to get harder. 

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    My name is Kathy Davis and I am 17 years old. I will be biking 500 miles to stop human trafficking. 


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