Hello everyone! Sorry it took so long to write my next blog post, I have been super busy. Day 3 was the hardest day by far.; we were supposed to do --- miles but we ended up doing 77 miles due to the pouring rain and lightning. ON day 3 we were riding on the Appalachian mountain highway. We crossed into West Virginia, it was definitely tough. You would be climbing a hill for 10 minutes or more. They were not super steep but they were long and it begins to wear on you very quickly. We were biking for about 10- 11 hours excluding our snack and lunch stops. When I was just about to give up there would be someone who would randomly tell you that you could do this and it helped me tremendously. I love how encouraging they were, I was so blessed to have had a team like that. Thank you for all your prayers! 

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    My name is Kathy Davis and I am 17 years old. I will be biking 500 miles to stop human trafficking. 


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