Hello everyone! Thank you for following me and supporting me along this journey. Today I met the people I will be biking with, they were super nice. I was a little nervous but I am very encouraged by all the wonderful stories. The ages range from 16 years old to 56 years old. We introduced ourselves and talked about how we got intrested in IJM and heard of this ride for the first couple of hours. We are about to eat dinner nad I am hungry. Later when I am done we are going to talk to the youth of this church and talk about what we are doing and why we are doing it for. One of the people that is going to be sttaying with us for a few days (we will meet her again in D C is) Karen Barnes she a maneger at IJM. If you have any questions about this organization please send me an email to Freethe27@gmail.com and I will ask her. Please don't hesitate. Also feel free to comment on the posts. Thanks again for all your prayers, Kathy! (P. S. I will try to blog a little bit more later today. I will also try to put photos on tomorrow if possible.)
Suzanne Scott

Hi Kathy! We've been keeping you in our prayers and are so thankful that Carrie Holland sent out the email letting us know of your WBIR interview and thus our connection to your website. We will continue to pray safety and health for you and the rest of your team!


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    My name is Kathy Davis and I am 17 years old. I will be biking 500 miles to stop human trafficking. 


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